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Boston Launderers

Our Background
Boston Launderers is associated with supplying quality laundry services in South Africa for more than 35 years. Our high quality total linen management service offering includes state of the art linen processing, dry cleaning and specialized laundry services for the healthcare, hospitality and mining sectors.

Boston Launderers is the largest commercial laundry operation in South Africa and specializes in the laundering of hotel and restaurant linen ,bed and bathroom linen , food and beverage linen, table linen, room service linen and hospital ward and theatre linen.

Our dry cleaning and specialised laundry services include valet and dry cleaning services for hospitality staff uniforms and guest laundry as well as curtains, bed covers, duvets and duvet covers, pillows and cushions, carpets (no-fixed) and mats, couch and chair covers and various other specialized items on request. We ensure efficient handling of all guest laundry and dry cleaning requirements.


We operate seven days a week, 365 days a year and have a 24 turnaround time. Special circumstances may require that alternative delivery times are arranged. We use the most advanced laundry systems in the country to ensure the best cleaning results with the least wear and tear to your laundry. Our laundries are state-of-the-art, with built-in redundancies to ensure no downtime (backup generators, compressors, boilers, water storage, and fire protection).

Our linen consultants will survey and assess your site in order to give you the best laundry and linen rental solution. We provide a comprehensive on-site linen management service and distribution at your premises which includes the management of your linen room and handling of all incoming and outgoing linen so that you can focus on your core business while we take care of all your linen and laundry needs.



Why Boston

  • A stress-free laundry facility to alleviate our customers concerns associated with linen and guest laundry issues.
  • Advanced control and monitoring systems to ensure that stock loss is contained to the minimum possible levels. These control systems can also include our latest technological innovation which makes use of Radio Frequency (RFID) technology.
  • A laundry service which utilizes the most advanced laundry systems in the country to ensure the best cleaning results with the least wear and tear to the product.
  • Service maintenance by the most highly trained team of professional launderers and management in the industry.
  • Complete and total linen care and advice given by the Boston team.
  • Boston offers competitive pricing for the highest quality service that is unmatched in the South African market.
The Boston Services
The standard Boston Service is effective in its simplicity

  1. Boston will collect the soiled linen daily and transport it to our centralised laundry facility.
  2. At the laundry, the soiled items will be checked into our system and processed through the laundry operation.
  3. On completion, the items undergo quality control, counting and packing for dispatch.
  4. Any shortfalls noted are immediately accounted for and replaced.
  5. Clean linen is returned within 24 hours and checked back with client for final count

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The guest laundry services are offered according to industry norms that will ensure collection and delivery occurs on a same day return basis. Various options for the guest laundry packaging are available upon request and pricing is dependent on the level of service offered by the hotel to its guests. Within the Boston service the various specialized options such as the on-site valet, rental options and on-site management and control systems will plug into the standard Boston service.

In addition, we have a linen rental service which is the supply and maintenance of all linen requirements and the laundering of the linen stock for a fixed monthly fee. This allows you to control budgets better. The system is typically performed on a 24 to 36 month contractual basis and large and small organisations in the laundry and linen handling services across South Africa are benefiting from this unique option.

We adhere to the standard requirements of processing laundry according to SANS 10146 standards. This includes the laundering of linen at 73 degrees centigrade for a minimum of 15 minutes during the main wash process. Our SANS approved chemical supplier calibrates our automated chemical supply system throughout our plants weekly to ensure that correctly approved dosages and balance of chemicals are applied to all laundry in process.

We take every measure to prevent cross-contamination (soiled laundry is collected in a bag with both physical and chemical barriers. We only use top of the range SABS approved chemicals, including our specially formulated advanced disinfectant.

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We have a close association with the Institute of Textile Research in the Netherlands to ensure that we are at the forefront of the latest fabric research in Europe.

Boston Launderers is a high quality, reliable and innovative solution for all your industrial laundry requirements. We pride ourselves on our high standards and service excellence. And, as a proud member of the Bidvest Laundry Group, we have the credentials and clout to deliver on our promises. We truly are your total linen solution.