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First Garment Rental

Our Background
For 35 years, First Garment Rental has been leading the field in total work wear solutions. And we do it all – from design, manufacture, laundering, repair and even replacement – you and your staff will never have to worry about clean work wear again.Leading the market with our technologically advanced, stress free and hygienically clean work wear solutions, we pride ourselves on excellent service delivery and affordable solutions to a wide range of industries. Our services are delivered with the highest standards of professionalism and expertise and we recruit and retain the best people in our industry for complete peace of mind. Through our leverage of synergies and our sharing of knowledge, we are able to remain at the forefront of product development and ongoing technological improvement. Whether its top-quality overalls or highly specialised garments, we can cater for every need. That’s why you’ll find our satisfied clients operating nationwide, at the forefront of the chemical, food, mining, motor, pharmaceutical and retail sectors.

Health, Hygiene and safety in the workplace has increased in priority and we assist you to ensure that your employees are appropriately dressed for their job functions, are presentably dressed and that their work attire meets the highest health and safety standards according to HACCP requirements to ensure that all your garments are hygienically cleaned to the highest standards.

We design and make up garments in our state of the art factories. Our extended textile range includes poly-cotton with a special finish that makes our premier work wear crease resistant, moth-proof and anti-static. We can also make garments with technical fabrics that are insect repellent, flame retardant, lint free, acid resistant and so on. Garments can even be customised with name badges, company logos, embroidery or reflector tape.

Garments In the wash

All garments are collected weekly and laundered at our largest and most advanced laundry facility in South Africa. These facilities are the largest and most technologically advanced in South Africa. Our other laundries, located across the country, also exceed expectations – using the perfect combination of time, chemicals, temperature and mechanical action to ensure that all your garments are hygienically cleaned to the highest standard. Garments are washed and steam dried in our fully automated facilities. We also give each garment a final quality check, and any necessary replacements or mending is done by our laundry staff, at no extra charge. The freshly cleaned garments are then delivered to your door and the new load of soiled work wear is collected for the laundry. It’s a seamless system.

First Garment is committed to continuous innovation; keeping abreast of the very latest methods and techniques available. Our most recent technological development is Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID. This system transmits the unique serial number of an object or a person via radio waves, improving the tracking of garments and saving time through automation of key processes to give you complete visibility and transparency. Radio Frequency Identification uses special tags that are sewn into each garment. These tags transmit the unique serial number of each garment to tag readers, through radio waves. Using our proprietary software, this system allows us to automate a number of key processes, including collection, sorting and tracking of garments. It’s very accurate, ensuring that garments are never misplaced or assigned to the wrong person. And it’s very efficient; reducing the time and labour required to process your laundry.

Garments-In-Wash First Garment Rental is also committed to sustainable use of the environment. That’s why we constantly monitor and improve our water, fuel, and chemical efficiencies. We are also exploring alternatives to phosphates in our detergents, reducing our electricity consumption through variable speed dryers, and using boreholes to reduce our eco-footprint.

First Garment Rentals is a flexible, reliable and simple solution to all your work wear requirements. We pride ourselves on our customer service and offer each client personalised attention. And, as a proud member of the Bidvest Laundry Group, we have the credentials and clout to deliver on our promises. Truly, First Garment Rental is your Overall Solution.

Benefits of rental vs. purchase (financial, logistics, peace of mind)

  • Rental is a trouble-free and cost-effective solution.
  • Rental provides you with budgetary control, offering a fixed term contract with preset monthly costs.
  • No need to hold excess stocks of work wear.
  • Avoid all problems related to maintenance of work wear. Quick replacements and repairs at no extra cost.
  • No capital investment on the part of the client.
  • Tailor-made work wear lasts up to three times longer than ordinary garments.
  • Tailor-made garments enhance company image, improve staff morale.
  • Ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Acts, and HACCP requirements.
  • The costs of your garment rental are fully tax deductible.
  • Customer relations officers provide personalised service and attention.

Contact Us For Comprehensive Garment Rental

  • Bidvest Laundry Group garment rental
    Chef Uniforms

    Chef uniforms are professional jackets and trousers suitable for the food industry.

  • Bidvest Laundry Group garment rental
    House Coats

    House coats are mid calf length overgarments with pockets and fasteners.

  • Bidvest Laundry Group garment rental
    Boiler Suits

    A Boiler suit is a one piece overall that provides full outerwear protection.

  • Bidvest Laundry Group garment rental
    Pyjama Suits

    Pyjama suits are 2 piece suits with concealed or no pockets and half elasticised cuffs on sleeves and ankles.

  • Bidvest Laundry Group garment rental
    Dust Coats

    Dust coats are industrial overcoats for use in environments where normal clothes need protection.

  • Bidvest Laundry Group garment rental
    Industrial Conti Suit

    Conti suits are made up of a jacket and trousers specifically designed for ease of use in industrial environments.

Mat Rental

We continue to look forward as we branch out into equipment sales and new product lines – such as our exciting range of flooring mats and corporate wear. Now, you can choose from the dust control of Cotton Plus, the stand-up support of Comfort Plus, the dirt trapping properties of Cero Scraper Plus, and other hygienic flooring solutions for your high-traffic areas.

Contact Us For Comprehensive Mat Rental Services

We offer several world-class flooring solutions that can meet your specific requirements:

Comfort Plus – a special anti-fatigue concept that gives support to workers who are on their feet all day. They are also easy to clean and resistant to moisture, oil and solvents.
Cotton Plus – offers improved the water absorption properties of cotton with microfibers to retain dry dust.

Ultraflow – manufactured from premium-quality rubber, these mats are resistant to impact and easy to clean. They also offer support for workers who are on their feet all day.
Cero Scraper Plus – ideal for collecting the dirt, dust and moisture brought in by pedestrian traffic.
WOM Original-Solution Dyed Textile Mats provide an effective barrier against dirt and dust.